Project Renovare brand reappraisal nomination — Creating change with Cardano

Cardano’s brand reappraisal, completed in July 2020 as part of Project Renovare, has been nominated by Ireland’s Institute of Creative Advertising and Design (ICAD)* for the best rebranding scheme award. The Cardano Foundation is pleased to announce this recognition with our valued Cardano community, as this is a success for all of us.

The commendation comes to Project Renovare, our brand reappraisal exercise, through our friends at McCann Dublin — specialists in brand, design and digital content based in the heart of the Republic of Ireland’s capital near the Grand Canal Dock.

Project Renovare

Working in collaboration with McCann Dublin, our brand reappraisal sought to evolve and build on the existing Cardano brand. This is just the beginning as our brand will grow together with Cardano.

Instead of a complete redesign of Cardano’s visual media and a total rebrand, McCann Dublin worked closely with the Foundation to establish the most valued aspects of our pre-existing identity within the Cardano ecosystem. From here, McCann Dublin worked with our dedicated ambassadors and our valued community to leverage the Cardano community’s passion and evolve Cardano’s brand organically.

The Foundation and McCann Dublin also needed to ensure that our visual identity was ready for the acceleration towards new audiences joining the Cardano ecosystem, with the arrival of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

The Cardano Foundation is delighted that Project Renovare — entitled ‘Creating change with Cardano’ for the ICAD nominations — has been recognized through this commendation.

Earlier in 2020, Project Renovare, and the ecosystem-wide brand refresh of Cardano, was also recognized as one of the top rebranding projects in the distributed ledger technology space by Bitrates, the blockchain news site.

Now, our commendation through ICAD Awards is further testament to the hard work and creative thought process by both McCann Dublin, the Cardano Foundation and our ecosystem partners, which went into creating a refreshed look for Cardano’s visual identity.

Exploring Project Renovare’s commendation

The ICAD Awards Exhibition, entitled ‘The Best of Us’, ran during 3–5 December 2020, nominating creative projects from diverse industries, including Cardano.

Staged in association with the Dublin City Council, Creative Ireland, JCDecaux, The Business Post and RTÉ, the city-wide exhibition featured works from more than 600 designers and creative agencies, assessed and commended by an international panel of expert judges.

Our community members who were in the vicinity of the Irish capital had the opportunity to explore Cardano’s brand reappraisal exercise at the locations listed in ICAD’s Exhibition Guide.

Digital city-wide displays showcased our brand reappraisal to thousands of passers-by over a two-day period, letting our Dublin-based community discover Project Renovare’s transformation of Cardano for themselves.

We look forward to seeing our brand and ecosystem transform in the coming months, with the arrival of new components and participants.

Last, but not least, we thank everyone involved — Cardano Ambassadors and our community, the Cardano Foundation, the IOHK marketing team and McCann Dublin — for their hard work and enthusiasm to bring the brand reappraisal to life.

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