Cardano’s Brand Animation Video

In early 2020, the Cardano Foundation and its ecosystem partners embarked on an ambitious brand reappraisal exercise for the Cardano blockchain, enlisting the help of award-winning design and creative agency McCann Dublin as well as our valued community. This led to a unified and renewed visual identity for Cardano and the Cardano Foundation, which you can see in this video.

Our brand reappraisal is called ‘Project Renovare’, which means ‘renew’ in Latin. As part of the deliverables, the Cardano’s and the Cardano Foundation’s online presence underwent a significant corporate refresh, evolving the visual elements of our existing visual identity to reflect the new audiences and stakeholders we will soon be welcoming and working alongside.

We are now pleased to reveal the official Cardano brand animation video, which provides a comprehensive overview of our new visual identity and the inspiration behind it. In early December, we shared that our reappraisal exercise, inspired by both natural and manmade elements, was nominated for a prestigious ICAD Awards 2020 — a highly coveted design award in the Republic of Ireland.

Our Cardano Ambassadors and our valued community members contributed to Cardano’s visual identity refresh by providing feedback, taking part in surveys, filling out questionnaires, and giving us the much-needed inspiration.

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