User-Controlled TAX-Distribution in Cardano

Taxdistribution in the cardano-network, using knowlede of users about requirement of projects/persons/organisation/etc.

The following notation is reduced to the one-person-one-step-perspective.

Let stakingreward be R_0, a userdefined distributionkey D_0 = (d_0 , d_1 , …d_n), with d_0 is an d_0 =: dtax as an in in democratic Process defined Minimum procentual Tax-amount, with i =1,…,n are adresses/user/projekts who got a part of distributed coins and have to distribut at minimum (case not staking self) a part d_0/n according there own distributionkey (no distibutionkey ist no-dession-forwarding) to start an recursive user-controlled rewardforwarding-distributionprocess in the network. (So that R_0 * dtax < = D_0 for every user i in every forwardingstep.). Users knowledge/desission is maped in d_1…d_n.

A multiuser controlled Taxdistributionprocess allows to use the knowlege of requirement of project-/person-/etc in a social network and could solve the distributionproblem of our financal-/tax-system by giving a mechanism topdown from stakingpools (in a big scale it issnt top DOWN). My conclusion is that I think that a larger brunch of people could make better dicission, were money is needed, than an profitoriented desission of an single investor. This could bring change towards a reason-oriented financial system. In particular at a small, local funding-part in cardano in future – like now in cardano-development.

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