Virtual Machines

As Cardano thrives and evolves, the network is expanding its reach and interoperability by creating novel avenues of cooperation. We are now opening Cardano up to the Solidity/Ethereum community via a compatible and interoperable platform using their native code.

Such a framework, when implemented, will create a permanent bridge that will enable developers to work seamlessly across both ecosystems, now and into the future.

To this end, we are restarting and accelerating the K Ethereum Virtual Machine (KEVM) program. The EVM runs within the K Framework, a semantics platform used to create formally-verified programming languages and VMs.

K enables developers to define or implement the formal semantics of a programming language in an intuitive and modular way. K also generates an executable, ‘correct by construction VM’ from its formal specification, which is fast and powerful enough to run real programs and smart contracts. Long term, in partnership with our friends at Runtime Verification, we want to build a K environment where we can just ‘plug-and-play’ new VMs.

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