Liquid Finance Eagerly Anticipated Launch on Cardano

As defined by Decentralized Finance (DeFi), liquidity pools are collections of tokens maintained under an intelligent contract that enables efficient asset trading while allowing investors to recoup their investments concurrently.

In recent years, international interest in the Crypto and The DEFI sector to be more specific, has increased significantly, and huge progress has been accomplished by the Cardano  team with the roll out of smart contracts in the past few days, onto the Cardano Mainnet.The Smart contract deployment has been eagerly anticipated by the Cardano community who can now start building and deploying there daps on top of the Blockcchain. Cardano is one of the most innovative blockchains in the Crypto space, The Cardano blockchain-Native Token ADA will play a key role

in providing liquidity to decentralized application built on the Cardano blockchain. Cardano is one of the first, if not the first peer-review Blockchain project that was founded on significant scientific research and rigor.

Project Catalyst has supplied the Cardano community with several ideas that have the potential to impact the future of Cardano and has aided in the development of a framework that bridges the gap between conceptualization and implementation in the real world. One of them is the Liquid  Defi Liquidity Pool.

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For many lenders and borrowers, the existing Centralized Finance (Ce FI) and Decentralized Finance (Defi) models for cryptocurrencies provide a problem. Existing CeFi applications are frequently associated with exorbitant interest rates and unscrupulous lending practices. DeFi technologies are expensive. Users cannot create credit ratings in the absence of identifying papers. As a result, people are less motivated to fulfil their obligations, increasing their risk of default. As a result, existing programs charge expensive fees and impose excessive burdens on their users to maintain user safety. Because there is no way to determine the user’s history, high-quality borrowers will not benefit from lower interest rates.

These issues need the development of a system that assists clients in selecting the most appropriate bitcoin loan. Numerous enhancements to the current system are based on this concept, including the following: Creditors who are unwilling to sell collateral now qualify for preferential interest rates.

Borrowers have an acceptable profit rate based on their volume and demand in the current market. Credit for Cardano decentralized applications can be included by developers (dApps). You may integrate liquid markets into current applications or create entirely new dApps by leveraging previously available Liquid APIs and SDKs. Financial incentives will drive borrowers and lenders to contribute significantly to the Protocol’s long-term sustainability by lowering their borrowing rates.

As was the case previously, lengthy discussions regarding maturity lengths, interest rates, and market conditions are no longer necessary.

Liquid Finance Liquidity Pool Upcoming Launch on Cardano-

LiqwiDAO will be allowed to vote on the Protocol’s future path. This category includes developers, liquidity providers, and other service providers. It consists of an upgraded voting structure, altering interest rate models, a new qTokens list, and new tactics. Unlike prior loan models, Liquid provides a lending paradigm in which all lender assets are pooled into a LiqwidPool. This provides far more liquidity than traditional matched lending. Additionally, it enables lenders to withdraw support at any moment without regard for a maturity term.

As previously stated, qTokens are given, and ownership of qTokens’ indigenous Cardano assets is increased. The algorithm’s temporal value calculation enables you to maintain an interest in the purchase while the token is kept. This encourages lenders to keep their assets in the pool for an extended time, resulting in higher long-term returns.

Implementing decentralized IDs and a dynamic credit scoring system would increase the efficiency of each transaction. This opens up an entirely new set of options for consumers to monetize data, ideas, and other intangible assets through their digital analogues. Values are established via a dependable system that is also utterly decentralized in its natural context. Liqwid’s Cardano DeFI Liquidity Pool Proposal is an excellent way to simplify earning money on the Cardano platform. It enables everyone to obtain a competitive interest rate while preserving liquidity, facilitating borrowers’ cash collection. Through credit ratings and a token system, a trustworthy method is established that encourages more timely repayments and benefits those who pay on time.

Due to the open-source nature of this project, anybody in the community may contribute and help develop a peer-to-peer lending network that benefits everyone. That is why the UN Blockchain Social Good Competition selected the concept as the winner. It is intended to disrupt established financial institutions while also making them more accessible to the general public.

Current CeFi and DeFi systems introduce high potential costs, safety risks, and compensation challenges, resulting in significant consumer concerns. At the moment, there is no means to analyze or offer a credible factor defining the default risk of debtors, which results in incorrect interest rate settings. This is not always the case, as demonstrated by the Liquid example.


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