The Cardano Foundation’s Mission

We exist to ensure the positive advancement of the Cardano protocol, while also contributing to the positive advancement of blockchain as a world-changing technology. In everything we do, we enable, empower, facilitate and accelerate progress in the blockchain space. Ultimately, the Cardano Foundation exists to make better a reality.

Driving adoption of Cardano

Growing the Cardano ecosystem is a core priority for the Cardano Foundation. We promote the Cardano protocol on the global stage, steering the development of Cardano towards better use cases. We invest in people who are passionate about championing blockchain, supporting those who are creating, pushing boundaries, and solving real-world problems with this powerful nascent technology.

Shaping legislation and commercial standards

To reach its full potential, blockchain must be integrated into legacy systems. We actively engage with and work alongside policymakers, law-making bodies, regulators, politicians, and the academic community to lay the fundamental groundwork for this revolutionary technology. We are here to engage in and drive global conversations around decentralized infrastructure.

Growing the global Cardano community

We are committed to establishing a transparent and decentralized platform. Impartial and unbiased, it is our responsibility to ensure that robust governance, standards, and ethics exist and are upheld across every touchpoint. As part of our custodial oversight, we strive to advance and support the global Cardano community through various inclusive programs and endeavors.

Ensuring stakeholder accountability

We work to ensure that openness, appropriate standards and communication flow through the Cardano ecosystem. We help shape legislation and commercial standards, providing stakeholder accountability and prioritizing transparency, appropriateness, clarity, and comprehensiveness across all aspects of the ecosystem.

Facilitating partnerships

We value combined action and cooperation. We partner with leading blockchain and cryptocurrency entities, including enterprise and industry bodies, to support the widespread adoption of Cardano and blockchain technology as a whole. With active collaboration and openness, we can drive collective success, accelerate interoperability and unlock value for Cardano.

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