Are You A Single SPO?DripDropz To The Rescue!!

Stake with us to help Single SPO stay afloat on Cardano CDT

The Cardano blockchain is experiencing record demand. With that demand, comes long delays in transaction completion.this has led to intense competition to get individual transactions on chain, and long backlogs lasting over 24 hours for fulfilment of complex transactions, such as those found in DEXs and DripDropz.

Aren’t all transactions treated equally?

The Cardano blockchain does not currently charge priority gas fees, such as those found on the Ethereum network. Every transaction has an equal chance to arrive on the chain, it simply has to find its way to a mempool, and get in line. Which Mempool the transaction ends up in matters! If the Mempool is not on a server that is about to produce a block, it will have to wait, or continue looking for a peer that will produce a block soon.

There are two major ways that transactions occur on the Blockchain. Either a simple remittance (Alice Pays Bob 5 Ada) or a more complicated two part transaction. Most Cardano users are currently performing these two part transactions.

Two Part Transactions

If you’ve ever purchased an NFT, or performed a Token Swap at Muesli or Sundae, or Dripped tokens at DripDropz, you have performed a two part transaction! These are currently the most common transaction occurring on the chain, and while your initial transaction that initiates the process is “just” a remittance, the return transaction is generally larger than the initial transaction.

Organizing Hash or Shouting

Andrew Westberg recently shared a great restaurant analogy for this issue. You’ll have to check out his YouTube to hear him tell it, but here’s a paraphrase:

Imagine that you go to a restaurant and place an order. There is an order taker, and cooks working. You place your order, and stand to the side while one of the cooks begins preparing your order.

Right at that moment, a bus pulls up, and a whole crowd of people enter the restaurant! The order taker continues taking orders, and the cooks continues making orders, but there is no one else there to hand out the orders. So you find yourself waiting longer and longer, while orders just pile up.

People in Chefs hats dropping food boxes in a pile on a conveyor belt, while a crowd gathers that cannot receive their boxes of food. Illustration by Valentin Besson.
Food piling up because no one is available to organize the final delivery to customers.

If that restaurant was a bit more organized, they would add a few more people to help, or lanes to pick up the food, to make sure that they could serve the whole crowd quickly and efficiently.

A person in a chefs hat delivering a single box of food to a conveyor belt, while other boxes move down multiple conveyor belts to an organized queue of people waiting for their food. Each conveyor belt is labeled as an SPO Relay. Illustration by Valentin Besson.
A more organized restaurant, handing out food first come, first served.

Just like the restaurant above, if DripDropz gives Single Pool Operators the opportunity to serve the backlog of traffic from sites with backlogs of large transactions, everyone on the network gets a better, more even user experience.

DripDropz Nodes

Now that the team has completed the initial testing with internal pools, DripDropz will run a pilot test with Single pool operators using these smart relays to ensure that traffic is getting closer to the FIFO order that users expect.

Benefits to Single Stake Pool Operators

10% increase in drip tokens for all delegates in your pool

Your pool will be included in an exclusive parameter displayed during a token project’s onboarding. (wider variety of tokens for your delegates)

Drip Dropz will advertise your pool on the rotating header banner.

These benefits will go a long way to helping Single Pool Operators grow and maintain their delegated stake, while also improving the transaction efficiency of the whole blockchain.

If you are a Stake pool Operator and are interested in participating in this pilot test, please fill out this form.

Article by Lloyd Duhon.

Please follow the link below to read the full medium post from the Drip Team

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